Development Impact Assessment System (SEID)

The Development Impact Assessment System, (Sistema de Evaluación de Impacto en el Desarrollo - SEID) includes a series of methodologies through which CABEI measures the impact on development through its operations. Historically, during the last 10 years the SEID has undergone updates and reforms to better adapt the needs and requirements of the Institution and in the same way, to the best international practices.

SEID is established as the evaluation mechanism applied by CABEI to clearly identify the relation between the operation and the expected (ex-ante) and obtained (ex-post) results, since there may be outside factors, occurring during the same period, that explain the detected results (this is usually known as attribution). SEID studies and guards the sequence between the inputs and the results to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation in achieving the assigned objectives.

Likewise, Corporate Evaluations, Implementation Protocol of the Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Country Strategy, sectoral and operations evaluations are incorporated.

Article 2
Constitutive Mandate
Institutional Strategy
Policy Evaluation
Country Strategies / Sectorial and Complex Studies
"CABEI´s performance in respect to its intention towards the country versus the country´s vision."
ID Evaluation: Project´s progress and ex post evaluation, Environmental and Social Standards Review, Intermediated Credit Impact Evaluation.
[Interventions for Development]
"Project to Project Statistics Source"

Top to bottom and bottom to top evaluations for evaluation consistency.