The ODE has designed the evaluation system of impact in the development, which is operationalized, among others, through CABEI Index Impact on Development (I-BCIE). The I-BCIE is based on the Corporate Policy Project Rating (GPR® in German).

The evaluation system measures the principals development variables for each operation (such as geographical location of the project, jobs created, impact on the generation of revenue to the state, national income, contribution to the trade balance, enforcement of labor and environmental standards projection with the community and the environment variables).

The system is composed of measuring instruments that are adapted to each sector (questionnaires and matrix), enabling the identification of the impact of operations financed by CABEI. Its application allows an ex ante impact assessment, this means a measurement of the expected impacts of operations; the system also is enabled for midterm and ex post evaluations.

The system uses pre-established rating scales for the assessment methodology, allowing independence in qualifying that is provided, as it happens with the credit rating or categorization of environmental and social risk. This independence is guaranteed by validation of the original data and the realization of the analysis are performed by the Evaluation Office (ODE) that is independent of the areas involved in generating operations throughout the project cycle.