The Central American Bank for the Economic Integration (CABEI) created the Evaluation Office (ODE) in January 2009, with independence of the Project cycle and assigned to the Office of the Economist Chief (OEJ) reporting to the administration, to comply with the mandate of the Board of Governors to propose and implement an action plan to measure the impact of the Bank's activities in the development and reduction of poverty in each Central American country and at the region in general. The process was strengthened by the "Plan for Modernization of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (reforms, strategic & actions)" approved by the Board of Governors. In the above mentioned plan they instructed functional reforms for the evaluation of the impact in the development of the projects financed by the Bank and the strengthening of the evaluation and the strategic institutional monitoring.

The creation of the ODE allowed the CABEI to take better international practices recommended by the Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) in their Good Practices Standards manual 2006-2007.

The tasks of the Evaluation Office (ODE) were redesigned in 2012, creating a new agency that reports to the Board (independent evaluation).